14 09, 2022

West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure West Coast Cure (WCC) isn't a company that sprang up the last five years when more and more investors started creating brands. They've been in the game for a long time and their products and reputation are to show for it. Always having a passion for cannabis, even before it was legalized,

15 09, 2021

Cannabis Concentrate Techniques

Cannabis Concentrate Techniques If you're looking to experience the power of cannabinoids at their absolute maximum, concentrates are the way to go. We often come back to this topic, as we know high-quality cannabis concentrate can be very hard to find. While more and more consumers decide to venture into the world of concentrates, the

1 09, 2021

Challenges You Face In the Cannabis Industry

5 Challenges You Will Face When Starting a Cannabis Business Challenges you face in the cannabis industry is a huge topic at the moment. Maybe you're thinking about starting a business in the cannabis industry. It makes sense. Cannabis is an amazing plant, and the industry seems to be growing with no end in sight.

25 08, 2021

What To Do If You’ve Consumed Too Much Cannabis

What To Do When You've Consumed Too Much Cannabis If you're reading this because you just got too high, then remember that you will be just fine! Go straight to the "What should you do if you get too high?" paragraph for a list of quick and easy ways of fixing it right now. Scientists

4 08, 2021

How To Properly Store Your Cannabis!

How To Properly Store Your Cannabis. No matter whether you’re a user of dry flowers, oils, vapes, dabs, or edibles, you want to make sure the marijuana products you spend your hard-earned money on remain fresh for as long as possible. Even though most cannabis products tend to have a long shelf life, exposure to

13 05, 2021

What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)? What can you expect from it?

What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)? What Can You Expect From It? Rick Simpson Oil, also known as RSO, is one of the most iconic cannabis extracts available on the market. The story of its origin and its potential medical benefits are the reasons for its status. It's impossible to talk about RSO without

22 04, 2021

5 Different Cannabinoids Found In Cannabis

5 Different Cannabinoids Found in Cannabis If you are reading this, you probably know that cannabis is the superhero of the modern world rather than the villain it is often portrayed as. And if cannabis is a superhero, cannabinoids are its superpower. Scientists have discovered that there are over 114 cannabinoids in the cannabis

8 04, 2021

What Can Cannabis Do For You?

What Can Consuming Cannabis Do For You? So what can cannabis do for you? Consuming cannabis can be great fun. But it can be so much more than that. While we are still only scratching the surface of all the fantastic things cannabis can do, there is one thing we know for sure - cannabis