A Cannabis Dispensary Nearby

Are you looking for a cannabis dispensary nearby and in a hurry? At The Source, we got you covered. From 8am-8pm we will delivery your cannabis products to you in under 1 hour! There’s no need to physically go to the store when you can shop online from our two menus: Express and Full

The Source has a fleet of drivers that cover the Central West Coast of California from Paso Robles all the way down to Santa Maria. Not at home? No problem! We will meet you almost anywhere as long as you have your ID present. If you don’t have a cannabis dispensary nearby our delivery services are just around the corner.

A Cannabis Dispensary On Wheels

What makes The Source stand out above the rest is it’s fast delivery time, high-quality cannabis and customer service. It’s pretty simple really. We take the hard work out for you by choosing the best brands around and sourcing our own flower with some of the highest THC percentages known in the Cannabis community. With indoor flower ranging up to 40% THC, we can assume our products will get you feeling euphoric in no time. Please be careful with consuming cannabis as the industry get stronger and stronger.

Our drivers undergo a lot of pressure by keeping up with their navigation routes, promo deals, customer orders and delivery times under one hour. Even on our busiest days such as 4/20, we are still able to keep deliveries under one hour. So no matter if you are home, at the office or simply here on vacation The Source will be nearby to take care of your cannabis dispensary needs. Feel free to checkout our Google reviews to see how our current customers like using The Source. The Source SLO is the number one delivery only marijuana dispensary in San Luis Obisp County.