West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure (WCC) isn’t a company that sprang up the last five years when more and more investors started creating brands. They’ve been in the game for a long time and their products and reputation are to show for it. Always having a passion for cannabis, even before it was legalized, has given this company the knowledge and street smarts needed to be successful and remain successful. Considering them “OG’s” of this industry would be absolutely correct and they’ll tell you the same.

Being considered an OG in this industry is no doubt a badge of honor to have, but it also comes with pretty high expectations. Especially from all of the other “OG” smokers who know what good cannabis products are. West Coast Cure has risen to that expectation and in my eyes, far exceeded it. I’ve personally never had any type of issue with their product and am still surprised to this day on how tasty their concentrates are! Literally delicious and makes me want to continue dabbing all day. I’ve heard nothing different from my employees as well. All of them are stoked with this product and continue to tell the customers how truly great it is. Not only does this company sell some of the best concentrates I’ve had the pleasure of smoking but they also sell vapes, flower, and joints.


Let’s take a closer look at these products. Starting with their concentrate line, they have options whether you’re just starting to “dabble” or are an experienced wax user. They got you! If you haven’t tried WCC’s Live Resin Fresh Press, it’s an absolute must. I’m salivating just thinking how incredible the terpenes are. Solventless extraction from fresh, frozen flower equals delicousness. Ice water hash is about as clean as it gets given they’re no solvents used in the extraction process. WCC also offers a Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder. They use the same process as the Live Resin Fresh Press except they cold cure this until it turns into a badder-like consistency. Not only do they have this amazing Rosin, they’ve also created a line of Live Resin concentrate using the Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction method.

BHO is one of the best methods to yield as much product as possible through the extraction process. Don’t be thrown off by reading “butane”. WCC knows how to do this correctly and rest assured you’ll never be able to taste the butane. Trust me, I’ve tested it multiple times! Using this method, they’re offering five different types. Live Resin Diamonds, Sugar, Badder, Wet Badder, and Sauce. All are full of potent terpenes and have been dialed in for years to bring you an outstanding product. Try any one of these and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


For their Vapes, WCC has three great varieties to choose from, Rosin, Live Resin and Premium THC. As far as the strains offered with these, you can be sure to find something worth trying. They have it all. From older strains such as, “Bubba Kush” and “Jack Herer” to some newer ones like, “Gelonade” and “Fatso” there’s something for everyone. All in all they offer over 30 different strains. That’s impressive! I have a feeling that number isn’t going down anytime soon too. My personal favorite is their Rosin cartridges. Super tasty and smooth. When smoking these I noticed a clean, luxurious high and the taste had me keep wanting more. I’d recommend these to anyone who wants to experience true quality. That being said, with any of these vapes you can expect the same attention to detail. High quality products from a company who has been winning awards since 2012.


WCC’s flower is exactly what you’d expect from cannabis experts driven by perfection. This brand doesn’t skip steps to speed things up and it’s evident in every batch. They do it right. Picked only when the bud has fully matured and cured properly to ensure none of the wonderful terpenes are lost. They produce their flower in two different lines. 1st is their Indoor Top Shelf line which they sell by the eighth and quarter. Not only are these buds super dank, but they have over 50 strains to choose from. Kind of crazy to think a company can consistently put out such high quality flower with that many strains but they do! Not only do they have all these Indoor Top Shelf strains but they also have a Premium Flower line. A small step down from their indoor and I emphasize “small” because this flower is fantastic as well, their Premium line is sold with a bit more options. This flower is sold in eighth, quarter, half, and full OZ bags. Don’t get it twisted, this is pure dank. Priced a bit lower than their indoor, everybody who is “Ballin on a Budget”, they got you covered too.


Joints or “prerolls” are one of the best selling cannabis products on the market today and it’s easy to understand why. By far, it’s the convenience factor. Open the pack or tube, put a flame to it and you’re off. It’s as easy as that. But if you’re like most, you want to be sure what’s rolled in that joint is pure flower and no filler. Too many times I’ve heard stories of joints tasting like trim and even tobacco. WCC understands this and created joints with only properly matured, excellently cured flower. No harshness, no fillers, just pure smoke. You’ll notice the terpenes are prevalent and as tasty as rolling it yourself. Not such an easy feat when keeping up with the high demand of these products. It’s clear again quality is first with this brand. Something that is never overlooked when wanting a top-notch cannabis product. WCC offers joints in three different varieties. Singles, three packs and six packs. All of which are created using only their Indoor Top Shelf flower. These are joints you can trust time and time again. Well done, WCC!