Do you deliver?

Yes. We are a delivery only dispensary.

Do you only deliver to home addresses?

No. We will deliver anywhere that’s not federally owned. Places off limits include schools, post offices, national parks, etc.

What cities do you deliver to?

We currently deliver most of the Central Coast. From up north in Paso Robles all the way down to Orcutt and eastward to Bakersfield.

What are your hours?

SLO County 8am-9pm

Bakersfield hours are from 8am-8pm

How does your Express Menu work?

The Express Menu is a menu you can shop from for immediate delivery under one hour. It’s a smaller menu, but fast and convenient.

How does your Full Menu work?

Our Full Menu has over 500 products that can be scheduled out for delivery on your own time. This could be the following day or up to 6 days in the future. You choose your time window that works for you and we’ll be there! Order before 1pm and we’ll even be there the same day.

What are some of your top brands?

Top selling brand are The Source, Stiiizy, Punch, Buddies, Papa’s Herb and Central Coast Cannabis. If you want great flower that’s The Source, vapes would be Stiiizy, edibles would be Punch, Buddies has great wax and Central Coast Cannabis has cheaper flower that’s still amazing.

Do you offer any specials?

We offer a ton of specials. We have deals that run daily for everyone to enjoy plus more deals if you sign up for our texting/email service. You can sign up HERE and get a text every Monday for the weekly specials.

Do you have daily deals?

All daily deals and other codes available HERE on our deals page.

Are there any job openings?

Job openings will be posted on our careers page HERE. We do offer brand ambassadors as well so please reach out if interested!

What are Loyalty Points?

For every $40 a customer spends, 1 loyalty point will be added to their account. Each point is worth $1. These points can be used at checkout to save money.

What are Source Stax?

Source Stax are promo codes that are meant to be stacked at checkout for big savings. You can stack up to 3 codes. Most people stack codes on certain days of the week to save on their category. For example, for those who love wax will wait until Wax Wednesday so they can stack a wax special code on top of Wax Wednesday plus use loyalty points. In most cases, you can save up to 30% off any day of the week.