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New Drops

Strawberry Cough 3.5g
THC 26.51%

Purple Punch 3.5g
THC 21.00%

First Class Funk 3.5g
THC 28.33%

Birthday Cake 1g
THC 84.2%

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Shop our express menu for cannabis delivered in 1hr or less. Shop our full menu for a scheduled delivery or order before 1pm to receive same day!

Your weed delivery driver will be there under 1 hour to accept cash or debit cards.


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Lemon Cherry 3.5g
THC 33.41%

Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Jelly Roll 3.5g
THC 27.03%

Dispensary near me slo

Ripped Off Runtz 3.5g
THC 27.62%

Dispensary near me San Luis Obispo

Berry Sundae 3.5g
THC 30.74%


Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Strawnana .5g Live Resin
THC 79.74%

Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Biscotti LiiiL .5g
THC 85.86%

Dispensary near me san luis obispo

True OG 1g Live Resin
THC 76.73%

Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Tropicana Cookies 1g
THC 93%


Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Blue Z Resin Sauce 1g
THC 78.97

Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Blue Magic Crumble 1g
THC 79%


Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Sea Salt Caramel Bites
5mg per bite
100mg total

Dispensary near me san luis obispo

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Extra Strength Cookie

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The Source delivers the top recreational cannabis on the market in under one hour. You can shop our Express Menu for deliveries to arrive within one hour or shop our Full Menu with over 300 products. Schedule out your order to arrive when you want it. Receive live text updates along the way to keep you informed when your delivery will arrive. Payments will be made upon arrival. Cash or card is accepted!


Download our cannabis delivery app for faster and more convenient services. Easily store your information such as ID, address and order history. Shop our seamless menu and receive text updates to keep you informed on when your order will arrive. We will meet you just about anywhere! At home or at the office we will be just around the corner.

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