What To Do When You’ve Consumed Too Much Cannabis

If you’re reading this because you just got too high, then remember that you will be just fine! Go straight to the “What should you do if you get too high?” paragraph for a list of quick and easy ways of fixing it right now.

Scientists have still not figured out if there actually is an amount of cannabis that would be considered lethal. Based on current studies, it is simply impossible for a human to inhale the amount of cannabis scientists believe would be needed to die from it. So unless you’ve eaten a mountain of magic brownies, nothing bad will happen to you.

But what you should think about is the fact that it is, indeed, possible to get too high.

While getting “too high” might mean different things to different people, it is usually not a great experience cannabis users are looking for.

What is “Too High”?

For long-time users (with a high tolerance), getting too high can manifest itself in small ways, such as finding it challenging to complete the activity at hand (like cooking dinner) or having a fruitful discussion with a friend. But it’s hardly ever scary.

However, novice users might experience this differently. Getting too high can feel like your entire world has been turned upside down, you have lost control over your body, you are unaware of your surroundings, anxiety is through the roof, and sometimes it might even feel like something awful is about to happe!

The good news is that the feeling that something terrible will happen does not mean it will actually happen. You might not like it, but the chances of needing medical attention are microscopically small, if not nearly nonexsistant.

So, what can you do to make yourself feel better in the case of consuming too much cannabis? Or even better – what should you do to make sure you avoid it? Let’s find out.

What To Expect When You Get Too High

How do you know you consumed too much? As most people who have gotten too high in the past will tell you – when you know, you know.

To satisfy the curiosity of less experienced users, we will explain what being too high usually feels like.

One thing to remember is that while it might sound a bit scary, whatever you experience while being too high is a normal human response to excessive amounts of THC in the body.

Amused But Confused

One of the most common signs of consuming too much cannabis is confusion, resulting from weed’s ability to impair short-term memory.

You might be telling your favourite joke to some friends, and then all of a sudden, forget the punchline. Or wait for the TV to turn on without ever actually pressing the “on” button on the remote.

While this might seem a little annoying, there is an upside to it – you will find all of these interactions hilarious.

The laughing fits that you’ve seen on TV shows and movies really is a thing. While excessive euphoria is officially considered a side effect of consuming weed in the medical world, recreational users actively search for it.

“High” Anxiety

For some people consuming cannabis, even in the smallest amounts, can trigger anxiety.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, and it’s hard to predict if it will happen to you. Some people are simply predisposed due to their genetics, while others might be predisposed because of their brain chemistry or higher levels of certain hormones. For example, some early research points out that
high estrogen levels could lead to lower tolerance resulting in higher chances of experiencing anxiety when consuming cannabis.

Therefore, it’s always good to start slow. After getting some experience, you should be able to tell with little to no problems if you can have more, or if you should obstain.

And remember, if you are prone to anxiety, avoid consuming high THC cannabis, and go for strains with a nice THC:CBD balance.

Dreadful Dizziness (and impaired coordination)

Some people might experience trouble with their coordination after consuming cannabis.

Moving their body might be a bit of a challenge, and they might be more prone to bumping into things.

This is because THC interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and the central nervous system, which are responsible for motor cognition. When there is too much THC in our bloodstream, these receptors can become overloaded, resulting in coordination difficulties. It can impact simple activities such as talking, standing, or even walking.

Consuming too much cannabis might also cause dizziness and lightheadedness. If not addressed quickly, it might even result in fainting.

What Should You Do If You Get Too High?

Feeling too high? Let’s do something about it. Below are some different ways of dealing with being too high.

Stay Calm And Talk To A Friend

If you feel worried or scared, try to calm down a bit and speak to another person.

If there is someone around you, just say, “I got too high, and I don’t like it”. If you are alone, give someone a call. Another person will quickly remind you that you are safe and that this is just a moment that will soon pass.

If You Can’t Talk, Breathe

If you’re not surrounded by any close friends, they’re too stoned to help you, or you simply hate speaking on the phone, then you should try an easy breathing exercise. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials online that demonstrate simple breathing techniques to help deal with anxiety or panic attacks.

Go to youtube, type in
“breathing exercises for anxiety”, and follow the instructions. The instructor will be your friend for now.

Distract Yourself (Netflix and Actually Chill)

Another trick that never fails is finding a way to distract yourself. Watching TV might be the best, easiest and safest way to do so. You will probably find yourself immersed in the show you are watching.

It’s an easy and pleasant form of entertainment that involves zero effort from your end, making it perfect when feeling too stoned.

We recommend watching a comedy or a light-hearted show with a simple storyline. If you decide to try and distract yourself with a horror movie, you might not get the desired results.

Drink Something

Hydration is essential when you consume cannabis, and very often, all you need to do is hydrate to feel better.

If you have a sugary drink somewhere near you, grab it. Whether it’s soda, orange juice, or sweet tea, just go for it. While there is no scientific evidence this will help, plenty of people swear by it and will tell you it’s their go-to trick.

It also helps with dry mouth, which is a very common side effect of consuming weed. Just make sure it’s not alcohol you’re drinking!

Sleep It Off

If you have a bed or a couch somewhere near you, lay down, close your eyes, and try to fall asleep.

You might be thinking your mind is just far too awake to fall asleep, but you will be surprised. THC is known for its ability to
help people fall asleep, and it can help you too. Just get under some comfy blankets, and hit the snooze button.

To Sum It Up

We have all indulged a little too much in something at some point in our lives.

It might have been a few too many beers at your neighbour’s bbq or overeating at a Sunday brunch.

Cannabis is no different. If you’re a beginner, it is highly recommended that you “start low, go slow”. Knowing your tolerance can make the difference between a fun night with your friends and a tough night with yourself.

Remember that confusion, anxiety, lack of coordination, and dizziness are signs that there is too much THC in your bloodstream and you should not consume any more until these symptoms are gone.
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