Legion of Bloom

Legion of Bloom (LOB) started off with five people having the same goal. Their goal was to provide the best cannabis product possible while keeping the environment in mind. Yes, it’s possible and LOB has mastered this. With sustainable cultivation inside an eco-conscious state of the art indoor facility, they’re doing just that. They are also known for being on the forefront of deriving terpenes from the cannabis plant with an extraction method that doesn’t use solvents. Starting in 2015, they began this method and fast forward seven years, it’d be safe to call them experts at this technique.

LOB believes in quality over quantity and this is evident when receiving over ten awards from prestigious events such as the Emerald and Cannabis Cups. In 2019, they placed 1st with their “Golden Tangie” Monarch Cartridge and 2nd with their “Lemon Mac” Live Resin Cartridge. Most recently, at the 2022 Emerald Cup, they placed 1st again with their “Strawberry Banana” Monarch Cartridge. This isn’t all. They’ve been given shout outs in High Times, Forbes and even made the cover of “The Cannabis Business Times” in 2021. Being a manager at The Source Central Coast, I can personally say our customers are stoked with this brand. We only hear positive feedback about LOB and their fan base is very loyal to them. Not only do our customers love them but my employees buy their product all the time. Employees in the cannabis industry are a bit spoiled as there is quick access to a lot of options. My employees repeatedly buy LOB and it’s obvious why. Consistently great high, the taste is always fantastic, and the products are priced very reasonably. They truly put out a wonderful product and I’d put my reputation on that.

Another aspect a successful company must have is exceptional customer service. Hands down, the LOB team are some of the kindest, and friendliest people in the industry. Finally, somebody gets it! Becoming successful in this industry isn’t only about creating outstanding products, which they do amazingly, it’s also how you treat people. Word of mouth is the name of the game. If a friend recommends a certain product or brand and you come across it, chances are trying it out is in the near future. From a regular joe on the street, to the biggest of retailers who sell their product, they’ll be attentive and listen to any and all needs. Talking with my purchasing manager about LOB is always fun as well. He tells me there’s always such a good selection to choose from and that “you can’t go wrong”. One thing we’ve learned is our customer base loves trying new strains. LOB always comes in clutch with a variety of strains and that helps tremendously. Thank you LOB!

LOB Gives Back

Did I mention LOB also donates a portion of their proceeds to environmental non-profits? It’s one thing to talk about wanting to keep our environment safe and clean. It’s another to directly contribute to these programs who do just that. Donating proceeds as well as cultivating in an eco-conscious way in their state of the art facility make this company an example of how we should all be doing something to help the environment. Sustainable grows are not only preserving our Earth but they’re eye-opening in the sense of why aren’t more companies doing this. Here are a few ways they’ve contributed in 2021: Planted 20,000 trees, recycled 80,000 nitrite gloves, removed 300,000 single-use plastic items from their supply chain and donated $20,000 to California’s Monarch Habitat Conservation. Wow, that’s impressive! With numbers like that LOB’s initiative on sustaining our ecosystem is obviously forefront. Can’t wait to see what they do for 2022.

LOB Products

Alright, lets get down to the nitty gritty and talk LOB products. If you’re in the mood for some dank flower or are on the move vaping between errands, LOB has you covered! They offer a full line of sativa, hybrid, and indica flower all masterfully cultivated inside their eco-minded facility. Not only do they have this amazing line of indoor flower, they sell some of the best cannabis oil cartridges on the market. Tasty, terpene rich, chemical free cannabis oil in a variety of lines. Monarch, California Sauce Live Resin, Strain Specific Pax Pods and Live Resin Pax Pods are their specialties. Attach one of these to your LOB batteries and off you go on your zero additive, pesticide free cannabis oil adventure. As mentioned previously these have won multiple awards from various events. You will not be disappointed. Don’t worry topical lovers, LOB hasn’t forgot about you either. They offer roll ons infused with CBD and other organic essential oils to fight wrinkles and help rejuvenate your skin. Really cool stuff there!


LOB started out with five cannabis connoisseurs who continue to deliver on their goal of producing top notch products while being aware of the ecosystem. Remember, they donate a good portion of their proceeds to environmental companies who love California as much as you do. They’re also heavily involved in making the community better and putting out stellar products at the same time. The awards received along the way testify to how stellar these products really are. With a full line of flower and oil cartridges, there’s always something new to try. Companies like LOB deserve this recognition and much more. Feel good the next time you purchase one of these products and know you’re helping them make a difference!