Top Dispensary in East San Roque

East San Roque is located just North of Samarkand and a short drive from the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden. It’s a beautiful area with an intriguing street design centered with a circle that fans out in all directions from there. Santa Barbara is located South of San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, and Pismo Beach. North of San Diego, Los Angeles, and West of Bakersfield there is a ton of traffic that commutes directly through SB. So how do you become known as the fastest delivery service? Especially in an area that is so highly populated and also a central location that 10’s of thousands of people stop in everyday on the way home or to work? I think The Source Central Coast has it all figured out.

Fastest Delivery in Santa Barbara

What’s the secret? A great system! To deliver as quickly as The Source does you have to be prepared for anything! They have drivers dedicated to specific areas to make each delivery fast and precise! Everything on their menu works live time! What does that mean exactly? Say you are perusing the menu and see something you like and they only have 1 left. You throw it in your cart and it now becomes unavailable to everyone else. Of course if you wait too long your cart will time out like most places, however it gives you that sense of security when you shop with them. What you can see on their website is what you can get!

Ordering With The Source

With technology advancing so fast, and online ordering becoming the most popular way of doing things there are still people out there that want the convenience of being able to talk to someone over the phone, ask questions.. The Source has multiple dispatchers ready to answer any questions or just simply help you build your order over the phone. As well as that If you already have an account with them you can even just text them something like “can I get the same thing I got last time to the same address” and soon enough there they will be! They also have an Apple Application where you can see all your past orders and make easy changes to your profile if needed.

Cannabis Delivery Menu Choice

So how do you become so fast but still keep the wide variety of products that are available to make everyone happy? The Source has an Express menu that has around 80 items that you can get in an hour or less.. Something for everyone, Vapes, Concentrates, Flower, Edibles, Tinctures, Pre-Rolls, and even some papers and pipes in case you are traveling and don’t have anything with you!

Then they also have a Full Menu that has over 300 different products on it! Essentially you can place your order and plan a time for the near future for it to be delivered! No question of them still having the product. This is where everything goes when they get low on stuff too. Buy something a couple days ago on the express and don’t see it anymore, check that Full Menu and you should be able to at least grab some more before it runs out! Do you like to prepare and just buy everything all at once? On the express menu usually you can only get a small few of certain things so if you are looking to get 8 of the same Pre-Roll their scheduled menu can make that happen!

Subscription Boxes With The Source

Who doesn’t love opening up a box of goodies? Especially when what is on the inside of that box of goodies is not only a surprise but one coordinated by you! Here’s how it works.. You can order a box in the form of, Flower, Concentrate, Vape, Edible, Or Mix and Match. You write out things you like for example.. Quality over quantity, and/or only sativa’s and they pick different products and build you your order! It’s 150 Dollars to purchase the Subscription Box and it comes with over 200 Dollars worth of product in it! Best thing about a Subscription with The Source is there is no obligation! No recurring payments and they won’t just show up at your doorstep without asking. They will contact you a few days prior to see if you would like another one and you can say yes, or even postpone it till you are ready for it, or simply just cancel it of course. Could not be easier to buy yourself or even someone else a wonderful box of goodies!