The Source Heads to Sacramento: Elevating Cannabis Delivery in California’s Capital

As The Source continues to redefine the cannabis delivery landscape, it has set its sights on Sacramento, California. Known for its commitment to quality, speed, and customer service, The Source plans to launch its services in Sacramento in the summer of 2024. This expansion not only broadens The Source’s geographic reach but also aligns with its mission to provide top-notch cannabis products conveniently and sustainably.

A History of Innovation and Excellence

Founded in 2017 in a small garage in Los Osos, CA, The Source has quickly become a staple in the cannabis delivery industry, driven by a clear objective: to deliver the best cannabis products as fast as possible. This is achieved through two distinct menus: the Express Menu, designed for immediate delivery within one hour, and the Full Menu, which boasts over 650 products allowing for scheduling up to six days in advance. This flexibility ensures that all customers’ needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Why Sacramento?

Sacramento, the vibrant capital of California, is not only a bustling political hub but also a city with a growing appreciation for high-quality cannabis. Its progressive community and dynamic culture make it an ideal location for The Source’s expansion. Sacramento’s residents, who value both quality and environmental sustainability, are a perfect match for The Source’s services and ethos.

Environmentally Friendly Operations

Understanding the importance of sustainability, The Source is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. This commitment is carried out through the use of eco-friendly vehicles across its delivery operations. Nearly 20 vehicles in The Source’s fleet are designed to reduce emissions, a critical consideration in a state deeply committed to environmental issues.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The Source is dedicated to creating an exceptional customer experience. This includes not only delivering quality products but also offering daily deals, special discounts for first-time customers, veterans, and students, and a rewarding loyalty program. Each point earned in this program is a testament to The Source’s gratitude towards its customers, enhancing their buying experience and offering real value.

Ready to Serve Sacramento

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With its launch in Sacramento, The Source is excited to bring a new level of convenience and quality to the cannabis delivery market. Whether it’s the “Flower under an hour” promise or the extensive selection available on the Full Menu, Sacramento residents can look forward to a premier service that meets their needs at their doorstep.

Community Integration and Future Goals

As The Source integrates into the Sacramento community, it remains committed to being more than just a business. It aims to be a valuable community partner, contributing positively to the area’s economy and quality of life. Looking forward, The Source plans to continue expanding its reach, aiming to bring its innovative delivery model to more regions while maintaining its high standards of service and environmental responsibility.


The Source’s expansion to Sacramento represents more than just business growth—it signifies a commitment to bringing quality, convenience, and sustainability to the forefront of the cannabis delivery industry. Sacramento is just the beginning of this exciting new chapter for The Source. As they say, when shopping for weed, get it at The Source—now coming directly to the heart of California’s capital.

For more information, visit The Source or call 805-550-5092. Sacramento, get ready for a top-tier cannabis experience delivered right to your door.