Top Weed Dispensaries in Bakersfield

Understanding Weed Dispensaries

Weed dispensaries, much like a traditional pharmacy, are establishments licensed to sell cannabis and cannabis products. Customers can find various products ranging from dried cannabis flower to edibles, tinctures, and more.

Legal Status of Weed Dispensaries in Bakersfield

In Bakersfield, California, the use of recreational and medicinal cannabis is legal. This legalization led to the blossoming of weed dispensaries across the city, serving a wide array of customers. Unfortunately, walk-ups are not allowed, but delivery is.

The Benefits of Legal Weed Dispensaries

One of the biggest benefits of legal dispensaries is the assurance of safe, regulated cannabis products. Customers can trust they are receiving quality products without the risk of harmful substances.

The Criteria for a Top Weed Dispensary

There are a few factors that separate a good dispensary from a great one.

Quality of Products

An excellent dispensary prioritizes quality, sourcing from trusted growers and ensuring products are safe and potent.

Variety of Products

They offer a wide range of products, catering to the different preferences of customers – be it flowers, edibles, or tinctures.

Customer Service

Superb customer service is key, ensuring new users feel comfortable and informed, and returning customers feel valued.

Pricing and Deals

Competitive pricing and deals make for a fantastic dispensary, helping customers to get the best value for their money.

Top 5 Weed Dispensaries in Bakersfield

Let’s dive into the top five weed dispensaries that Bakersfield has to offer.

The Source

The Source is the number one rated and fastest marijuana dispensary in Bakersfield. All deliveries are under one hour even though average delivery times are less than 30 minutes. Call or text in your order to 805.550.5092

Review and Products

Customers rave about the quality of their products and the friendly, informative staff. Their strains and edibles are among the favorites.


IMC in Bakersfield is a small, discrete dispensary. Products are okay, limited packaging and limited products.

Review and Products

A small amount of products are on hand. Most if not all products are NOT lab tested which makes this place a little skeptical.

Wake N Bake

Wake N Bake seems to be closed down. Directions are miss leading leaving you wondering if they got shut down to to the legality of walk-ups not being allowed within the city of Bakersfield.

Review and Products

Since the establishment doesn’t seem to exist, there are no products to review.

Kern Gardens 25 Cap

The same goes with this dispensary too. It does not appear to be open and most likely got shut down.

Mars Collective

Another store that appears to be closed for good. The common thing for marijuana dispensaries in Bakersfield is that walk-up dispensaries will get busted and closed down their store.


Since cannabis dispensaries are not allowing walk-ups, the only real way to get weed is by delivery. The Source can delivery products under 1 hour and they have two menus to shop from. The Express Menu has over 120 products that have an average delivery time of 30 minutes. They are open every day from noon-7pm. Call them today at 805.550.5092! Or, visit their website at


1.Are these dispensaries open 7 days a week? – Not most. The only one that’s open every day is The Source.

Do these dispensaries offer delivery services? – Many dispensaries in Bakersfield may provide delivery services, but it’s hard to tell which are legal or not. Checking their Google listing is misleading as they say they are open, but directions to a different establishment seems to be common.

Can I purchase from these dispensaries without a medical card? – Yes, as long as you are over 21, you can purchase from these dispensaries.

What forms of payment do these dispensaries accept? – Most dispensaries accept cash, while some may also accept debit cards. The Source offers both.

Are the products at these dispensaries lab-tested? – Most dispensaries are illegal thus do not have lab tested products. The Source on the other hand is legal and all products are lab tested to ensure potency and safety.