Top Dispensary in West Beach Santa Barbara

So, what does it take to be the top dispensary around East & West Beach Santa Barbara? It can be challenging at times to have what your customers want because now you have to figure out how to get it to them. A few orders here and there may be easy at first, but what happens when you have dozens of orders at once all across the Santa Barbara area? Finding the most convenient way to get to your customers can be challenging. So, where does it begin?

Depending on your strategies, you may just get to your customers one at a time. Sometimes, you may be on your way to one customer 15 miles away, but just got a new order 3 miles behind you. It may be best to keep going the 15 miles and just take orders as they come, but delivery time is what customers notice most. It may be best practice to turn around and get the nearest order first in under 10 minutes, rather than having two orders that take 30-45 minutes each. It’s better to have one customer shocked on how fast you arrived versus two average paced delivery times.

To be the top dispensary around East & West Beach located in Santa Barbara, you have to have a solid system. Traffic can get very congested in the area so it’s easy to get stuck and have unhappy customers. The Source has a system that is undeniable in their delivery tactics. As orders come in, they are redirected to the nearest delivery driver in that area. This also depends on how many drivers are in the area, but the point is that this cuts down on delivery time.

Not only does this system provide exceptional delivery speeds, the type of vehicle is also very important. These have to be manufactured and built out for this type of job, but we will get into this later on as there are many key items these cars have to be able to do.

Recreational Dispensary Near Me in East & West Beach Santa Barbara

Most people are in search for a recreational dispensary these days. If you are not shopping recreational, you may be only using medical. Medical marijuana mostly uses high amounts of CBD so the patient won’t feel “high”. This is great for those who do not want these feelings such as the elderly. At times when you want to feel the blast of marijuana, going with a recreational dispensary is the way to go. Having a higher percentage of THC will create the “high” feeling in your brain and body. Why is this helpful?

Residents in the East & West Beach area of Santa Barbara have the option of both recreational and medical marijuana. As recreational is the dominant decision amongst the residents, it is important to have great products that are not only reputable, but overall safe. How do you know it’s safe?

Safe Recreational Weed

So, what are some of the things to look out for when finding safe recreational weed? The last thing we want is for someone in search for relief but ends up getting tainted cannabis that puts them in the hospital or worse, death. How is that possible if marijuana cannot kill anyone? With anything, there are bad actors out there who do things the wrong way in order to make massive profits and addictive personalities. Cannabis is still federally illegal which is a huge problem when it comes to this. If it were fully recognized and legal on a federal level, then you begin to start saving peoples lives.

States that are currently legal have regulated cannabis. This means that the cannabis must be lab tested and is tracked from seed to sale. You can see if the cannabis has been mixed with deadly drugs like fentanyl in the lab testing procedure. This is the top overdose killer in America today. Marijuana growers get inspected heavily on toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. This helps identify plants that are well kept and on their way to the stores. Marijuana farmers undergo a lot of pressure when it comes to growing perfect cannabis. Outside invaders such as caterpillars can ruin a crop and fast. On top of getting eaten and forming “bud rot”, mold is a huge issue as well. These plants hold in a ton of moisture so it’s easy to get over saturated especially when mixed with high temperatures.

After the cannabis has been harvested and sold to buyers, storing the cannabis becomes extremely important as the plant turns brown over time. Customers want a fresh-looking bud so keeping them around moisture pack is ideal. Many are stored in plastic bags or barrels with moisture indicators. This helps tell the owner when it’s time to rotate the cannabis or switch out it’s hydration pack for a fresher one.

Most dispensary companies do not keep their lab results on their website due to the fact that so many different strains come in and out of the shop. Do not worry if you cannot get access to them because the states already know it is safe. The producers and manufacturers undergo a heavy state inspection in the beginning before they can operate. Once certified, they obtain a license ID number. This is something that should be all over a company’s website in order to show proof that they are legitimate. One other thing to look out for when it comes to finding safe weed is the label requirements on the packaging.

Packaging should be clear and identify the product. Government warnings should be visible along with the net weight. Caution warnings and child proof packaging is not only important but required.

California Dispensary Menu

The Source has not one, but two dispensary cannabis menus. You can shop their Full Menu for items to get delivered in under one hour. These include the top products people consume these days with cannabis. Flower, concentrates, vapes and edibles are the most common cannabis products. All are a great way to get the effects of cannabis right away except for edibles. These are what can trip people up because they can take up to 90 minutes for the effects to kick in so be aware of that.

Their Full Menu on the other hand has over 300 products to choose from! Not only do you get the most common form of cannabis, but this includes accessories such as batteries, chargers, ash trays, bongs and other items that may be needed. If you order from the Full Menu before 1pm, you can expect to receive your order that same day. Otherwise, you have the option to schedule it out in advance and get it delivered between the delivery times you choose. For example, you can set the time to get delivered tomorrow between 5 and 6pm once you are home from work or whatever it may be. This makes ordering very convenient because we all have busy lives to live. So why not let The Source be the one who gets stuck in traffic so you can sit back, relax and wait.

East & West Beach Dispensary Delivery in Santa Barbara

Beginning this November of 2022, The Source will be in the East & West Beach area of Santa Barbara to deliver all your cannabis goods straight to your door. They will also be in the Oak Park area as well as Isla Vista being your number one Oak Park Dispensary. Even better yet, all deliveries are under one hour. Be patient with them as unexpected traffic may slow them down, but the mission will always be complete. There is rumor going around that there will be no minimum purchase order as they usually require a $35 minimum. Also, if you spend $75 or more you can expect to get a free preroll.

You can also keep an eye out on their Deals page that lists current deals and offers such as Munchie Mondays where you can get 10% off edibles. Not only will The Source become your next go to dispensary delivery company, but you can expect them to also give back to the community. This may include beach cleanup days or a canned food drive. It is important to give the customers what they want plus to give back even more so because in the end, it’s a team effort to treat this great community with all the respect it deserves. Santa Barbara is an iconic place to visit and we want to keep it a clean, safe and a fun environment.