Things to do at Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is a never ending lifestyle. Ongoing concerts, cookout, car shows, farmer’s markets and more flood the area. It’s a hot spot in the summertime with it’s warm beach and surfing. Here, you will never be bored. Hungry? Here’s a list of the 10 best restaurants according to trip visor, but you just have to come experience it for yourself.

Ocean-view Hotels in Pismo Beach

spyglass inn

Soak in this ocean view hotel, sit outside by the fire and relax. This place is right on the edge of the west coast with plenty of fresh fish and sushi to choose from. Directions here.

Inn at the Pier

Another fantastic ocean-view hotel right here in Pismo Beach. Overlooking the pier you’ll see surfers, people on the beach and lots of food in the area. Enjoy a fresh cocktail on the roof and relax.

SeaVenture Beach Hotel Pismo Beach

Walk out on the fresh sand or relax in your own private hot tub. This hotel is just minutes from the Pismo Pier with outdoor shopping, wine tasting and more! Located here. This hotel is so cool because you don’t have to be locked up in your room all night like most hotels. Just step outside and the beach is yours. Endless fishing, surfing, whatever it is you want to do there’s options for you.

Best Seafood at Pismo Beach

cracked crab pismo beach

The best seafood in all of Pismo Beach. It’s too small to reserve tables so it’s a walk-in only. The cracked crab has been around since 1999 dumping buckets of various shellfish with a mallet. Enjoy here! This place is a fun environment since it’s a different style of eating compared to a normal plate of food. But this isn’t that. A bucket of seafood dumped on a table with a hammer is my style. There’s nothing pretty about it and it doesn’t have to be.

pismo fish and chips pismo beach

This place has been around since 1963, serving some of the freshest seafood around. Catering options available. Directions found here. I will say though that there is some stiff competition around Pismo when it comes to who has the best seafood. Every place states they have they best, but what does it really come down to? How can fish n chips taste better than the other restaurants in Pismo or around the Central Coast for that matter. Is it the breading? Yes. The amount of time spent from when the fish was killed to table? Yes. A marinade perhaps? Yes! All of it matters and here at Pismo Fish and Chips, well you decide.

Brad's Restaurant Pismo Beach

Not only is this place known for it’s fresh dishes, but for it’s amazing tasting BBQ. You get the best of both worlds at Brad’s located here. Brad’s has been here in Pismo for a long time now and is worth the trip. Having BBQ at a place like this helps the business stand out and absorbs everyone’s mood. You want seafood, steak and BBQ all at one place? Go to Brads.

Attractions at Pismo Beach

dinosaur caves park pismo beach

Walk through 11 acres of ocean view property. There’s plenty of room for joggers, kids playing or photographers. Found here. This is a special place to hang out because it’s so close to the edge of the United States. It’s humbling to be here as the fact stands that at anytime, a chunk of this bluff can crack and fall into the Pacific. Enjoy!

monarch Butterflies of Pismo Beach

Over 10,000 butterflies a year fly to Pismo State Beach to avoid the winter. They arrive somewhere around late October to February and nestle up in the Eucalyptus trees. Come see here.

Pismo Beach is a great place to visit in the Central Coast of California. It’s flooded with wineries and a ton of beaches. A shelter for the monarch butterflies lies here where they migrate to to avoid cooler temperatures. This Pismo State Beach is a special place to see a special event that happens annually.