Top Dispensary in Santa Maria, CA

Do you live in Santa Maria, CA and looking for a cannabis delivery service near you? We will go into a deep dive on who to go to, who to trust and why. Like many companies out there you will always run into the ones who seem a little sketchy and ones that seem legit. But who do we trust and how can we spot the ones who may be up to no good. Getting the proper licensing can be touch and expensive so why do so many people run the risk of getting shut down? Is it the money? Perhaps, but let’s dive into what to look out for so next time you shop cannabis in Santa Maria or anywhere for that matter you will have the tools in your eyes.

Step one, online search. Searching Google for cannabis dispensaries is a great start. This will have most of the information you will need in order to tell who is legit and who runs more of a risk. Check to see how many Google reviews they have and read them. Do they seem like real people who may live in the county or do they seem like bots? Luckily, Google picks up on bots so most of the time they are from real people, but make sure their name is clearly spelled out and it’s not just a bunch of numbers or letters that do not make any sense. This is an easy way to find who is real or who is fake. The more fake accounts you see on the reviews most likely means that the owner paid for these reviews. This is not how to succeed.

Step two, license number. Go on to their website and make sure the company present its license number on the webpage. The state gives out cannabis businesses license numbers to prove that they have a legitimate business. This includes but not limited to having a building up to code, meets all the requirements and regulations. Some of these may include proper cameras, motion detectors, lighting, fire escapes and the workers. The employees must get a background check and be in good standing. If you run a delivery service the employees cannot have recent or ongoing troubles with the law. This includes DUI’s and other criminal offences they may hurt their opportunity to work for the company.

Step three, packaging. Take a hard look at their packaging and see if they meet all the requirements the state enforces. In most cases, this includes a few key items such as a simple identifier. If you are buying flower, make sure it says it’s flower. Common terms are cannabis flower, premium flower, top shelf flower, etc. Same goes with edibles. Make sure you know what you are getting by product identity. Also look for the net weight. This is usually at the bottom some place depending on what the product is but, in most cases, it will be labeled towards the bottom of a bag or jar. Government warnings need to be visible as well. These are usually on the backside of the products. You will most likely see a Prop65 warning and another basic safety warning and symbol. This is standard and must be on the packaging. This is a big one, a UID/Batch number. This is important because it tracks and traces where this product came from.

A batch/UID basically tells the state where this product originated from. It can be traced all the way back to the ground from which it came. Then, gets transformed into whatever it will become; flower, wax, vape or even edibles. New numbers get assigned as they take on a new form, but always gets traced back to ground zero. A seed to sale type of system that allows traceability. Although this may seem a little too much for some people it is though however the law and without rules, the whole idea of selling and buying weed gets tarnished. There are more and more common things to look out for, but hitting these basics is a must. A license number is huge, so make sure that’s at least there and use your best judgement for the rest.

Delivering Weed Under One Hour in Santa Maria

For new cannabis consuming customers, it is very common to go to the dispensary and ask all the questions you may have. But in California, most people know how this thing works and may never need to go to the dispensary again. This is helpful because some towns like Santa Maria can get very busy especially with have over a hundred-thousand residents. Delivering cannabis is a huge pro when getting weed to your door fast. These companies are lucky because there is a limited number of delivery licenses a state can have. Most people shop online and get products shipped anyhow so finding a local delivery company just sweetens the deal.

If there’s one company that delivers weed the right way it’s The Source. They deliver weed in under one hour. This is rare because in most cases it takes hours for a delivery driver to get there. There can be a number of reason why, but this is no easy task. It takes time, resources and money. You also have to have the right type of driver. One who isn’t undergoing a criminal offense of course, but one who really cares and is customer friendly. They are the face of the company when there is no physical store to walk into.

The Source has invested their return back into the company a dozen times over again. More money that is made mean more cars to buy and fix. All that wear and tare on a car has its disadvantages so choosing the right vehicle needs to be considered. They use Toyota Prius’s that are eco-friendly but do occasionally blow head gaskets along the way. Every time that happens you can expect a couple grand to come out of the company. And even though they are eco-friendly a new battery costs thousands more and obtaining those may not be. There’s always a give and pull to this problem and it’s an ongoing battle, but solutions will be created to solve such a problem. Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often, but seems to be a common issue around the two-hundred-thousand-mile range.

Cannabis Menus

A cannabis menu? What is this beautiful creation?! The Source offers two different cannabis menus. One is their Express Menu. A menu that you can shop from knowing that these products will get delivered to your door in under one hour. Even if you are not home, you can put just about any address in and they will meet you there. Obviously, you cannot meet at a school, church, park, daycare center or any government site. These products include flower, prerolls, vapes, wax and the usual goodies you would expect to find at a dispensary. There’s a limit on how much products can be in a delivery vehicle so if you need something special, you can shop their Full Menu.

Their Full Menu consists of accessories and merch. These can include batteries, bongs, pipes, shirts, hats and things like that. More variety and more to choose from if you are looking for things like that. If you shop their full menu and order before 1pm you can still expect your order to arrive within one hour. Otherwise, you get to pick the time and day that works best for your schedule. In most cases, customers choose next day delivery. Just select a timeframe window that fits your busy day and sit back and wait. This makes ordering cannabis very convenient and fun! Finally, cannabis companies are getting treated like a regular business. They are still taxed more than any other business which makes things difficult at times and almost hopeless when trying to make profit. It’s a heavily competitive industry.

Weed Subscription Boxes

Customers may spend a lot of money with certain companies because they are taxed so heavily, that the prices must go up. There need to be room for profit somewhere, but how much profit is dependent on the company. Compare prices with other venders to see who is greedy and who is fair.

If you find yourself checking the couch cushions for change, you may want to look into a cannabis subscription box. This depends on the customer of course, but if you are buying weed once a week, you most likely are because you get paid once a week. If you buy once a month it may because you don’t consume that much. Whatever the case may be ask yourself how much you spend on average a month on cannabis. If that dollar amount is more than $150 then a subscription box may help you save time and money. A subscription box with The Source costs $150/month but packs in a minimum of $200 worth of products. It’s a great way to save money and you only have to pay attention to it once a month.

You can setup a delivery day that works each month, but let’s be honest you cannot expect to be home the same day and time it will arrive. The Source knows that too so they send out a text days in advance giving you the opportunity to edit your box. You can move the time and date around however you’d like.

There are 5 different cannabis sub box categories. If you only smoke flower, select the flower box! If you only smoke wax, select the wax box! There’s also a vape box and edibles box too. A lot of people dabble in all four so maybe you’ll be better off with their Mix n’ Match box. This is a combinations of everything into one. One last important feature they include is selecting the type of cannabis, the lineage. Are you a nighttime user? Make sure you leave a note saying you prefer only Indica and that’s what they’ll pack. You can customize it almost entirely yourself. Specific brands are not guaranteed, but they will use their best judgement to select something similar.

Popular Categories in Santa Maria for Weed Delivery

The categories listed above in the subscription boxes are the top categories in the industry. Besides the normal stuff there’s also other options and ways to consume cannabis. The Source also carries topicals, infused prerolls and pet treats. CBD pet treats are a fantastic way to give your pet relief from inflammation. If you come across hemp oil that is great for hair and nails.

Weed Delivery Operations

The Source operates every single day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can place your order today with them by shopping online, you can text/call them at (805) 550-5092 or send them an email at