San Luis Obispo Cannabis Delivery Service

Roughly halfway between the bustling metropolises of San Francisco and Los Angeles, you’ll find the quaint but proud little town of San Luis Obispo. Don’t let its size fool you, however, as San Luis Obispo, SLO for short, is full of culture and life.

One of the things SLO is most know for is its famous Thursday Farmer’s Market, where crowds flock to vendors from the area; they enjoy tasty food, wares, knick-knacks and gadgets galore. It generally takes place between Nipomo and Osos Streets right on Higuera Street. Next time you decide to walk the downtown area during the farmer’s market, make sure you carry along a discreet vape pen, Stiiizy is always a great choice for their slim profile but we have many to chose from.

If you prefer edibles while checking out the downtown area, you can check out America’s first Motel; Motel Inn aka Milestone Mo-Tel, established in 1925. We’ve got some great capsules and tablets to choose from as well, if you’re keeping a low profile. San Luis Obispo is home to over 180 historic buildings, the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, Cal Poly Technical University, and so much more.

What makes SLO such a great destination is the variety. You can toke a joint on the beach in the morning, head 15 minutes inland for a ridiculous amount of yummy food choices with edibles for desert and take a wine tour in the afternoon with a seltzer if you like. SLO’s culture ranges from a College Town to a city to have some fun it to a gorgeous place for hikes and trails. Relax with some indica while you’re at the beach with kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, skimboarding, diving, sailing and kiteboarding to choose from. There are some pretty great places to stay in SLO as well; for couples and families you’ve got the Apple Farm Inn, for a more solo experience you could try Granada Hotel & Bistro, or if you’re ready to party, head to Madonna Inn for the Pink Champagne Cake. While you’re at it, have some Sativa and head over to bubblegum alley to see all the pretty colors. We advise against touching, though.

There are many small beaches nearby but two require highlighting; Pismo Beach and Shell Beach are beautiful destinations with a rich history. Family friendly and lots to do, this is the perfect place to bring the family, especially during the height of summer! We’ve got festivals for days. Literally. There are music festivals, like our annual Jazz Fest, there are car shows shining and rumbling on a Sunny Saturday, and food festivals like the yearly Clam Festival. If you’re just visiting, we’re happy to meet you somewhere or deliver to where you’re staying. Give us a text/call today to get your order started, (805) 550-9092.

San Luis Obispo Cannabis Delivery Services

Looking for a medical or recreational dispensary that offers fast, convenient delivery to the Central Coast? You’ve found it. With San Luis Obispo’s largest selection of some of the top products from the most recognizable cannabis brands, we make it easy to have your cannabis products delivered straight to your home.

How Home Delivery Works

Once you’ve shopped through our expansive inventory of products from the most top names in the cannabis industry, you will be asked for a name and delivery address. Our website doesn’t require you to enter any payment information at all. In fact, payment isn’t due until your delivery driver arrives with your order. Make sure to take advantage of our same-day delivery options to get your cannabis products within hours.
What Products Do We Deliver?

If you check out our impressive inventory, you’ll find the products you need from some of your favorite names in the cannabis industry. Julius 2.0 preroll, Flower Old Pal Legend, Sci-Fi 43 Live Sauce, Snowman Crumble and more. We constantly monitor the market trends to ensure that we have the products our customers are looking for.

Where Do We Deliver?

Not only do we proudly deliver medical and recreational cannabis products to customers in our immediate area, but we also deliver to Morro Bay, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Paso Robles and the rest of the Central Coast area. We’re pleased to be one of San Luis Obispo County’s most convenient and well-stocked cannabis dispensaries. Place your cannabis order today!