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Cannabis Dispensary Delivery

Pismo Beach | Arroyo Grande | Grover Beach


$35 minimum order

Cash/Card Accepted

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 8:00am-8:00pm

Phone: (805) 723-8199

License: C12-0000390

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New Drops

Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate

Summer Lemon 5pk
THC 30.94%

Blackberry Gelato 3.5g
THC 35.21%

Purple Papaya Punch 1g

Enter in your delivery address and see what’s available in your neighborhood.

Shop our express menu for cannabis delivered in 1hr or less. Shop our full menu for a scheduled delivery or order before 1pm to receive same day!

Your weed delivery driver will be there under 1 hour to accept cash or debit cards.


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Lemon Cherry 3.5g
THC 33.41%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Jelly Roll 3.5g
THC 27.03%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Ripped Off Runtz 3.5g
THC 27.62%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Berry Sundae 3.5g
THC 30.74%



Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Strawnana .5g Live Resin
THC 79.74%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Biscotti LiiiL .5g
THC 85.86%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

True OG 1g Live Resin
THC 76.73%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Tropicana Cookies 1g
THC 93%



Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Cereal Cookies 1g
THC 82.33


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Blue Magic Crumble 1g
THC 79%


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Sea Salt Caramel Bites
5mg per bite
100mg total


Dispensary near me Pismo Beach

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Extra Strength Cookie


Pismo Beach & Arroyo Grande Cannabis Store

There isn’t a need to go to the cannabis store when you can have your weed delivered. All deliveries are met within one hour. Any questions you have can be answered by calling/texting The Source at (805) 723-8199 or by email at contact@thesourceslo.com. Plug in your address and instantly begin shopping available products in your area. You will receive text notifications about when your order will arrive. Payments are conducted upon arrival. Spend $75 or more and get a free preroll!

The Source offers 2 different menus; Express & Full. Shop our Express menu for cannabis delivery under one hour. Receive live text updates to keep you informed on when your delivery will arrive. The Full Menu has over 300 items to choose from including pipes, bongs, merch etc. Order before 1pm for same day delivery otherwise schedule out your delivery for a later date and time that you pick. Deliveries can be made at home or a location you choose.

All products are lab tested to ensure potency and free of heavy metals or pesticides. Labeling and packaging is approved according to labeling requirements from the department of cannabis control of California.

Dispensary Delivery Subscription Boxes for Pismo Beach & Arroyo Grande

Are you a regular cannabis user and want to save money on weed? Try our subscription boxes! We pack in more products for a cheaper discount. Choose between 5 categories: Flower, Vape, Wax, Edibles or a Mix n’ Match for all four! You can even decide the lineage you prefer. Click HERE for more info.

About The Source

The Source began in 2017 in a small, 1,700sqft. building. Orders started slow, but word of mouth began to spread. Five years later, The Source moves into a 17,000sqft. facility and holds three separate business licenses. They are the Best in SLO for the fastest cannabis delivery with all orders delivered under one hour. Click HERE to read more about their growth.