Isla Vista Weed Delivery

Weed delivery in Isla Vista is just around the corner. Some have brick and mortar stores, some that do only delivery and some that do both. With UCSB being home of Isla Vista, you can expect a lot of college students on the lookout for the best weed. As long as they are 21 or over of course. California is on the right track with legal marijuana versus some states that ban it entirely. It is truly a whole different way of life in certain states around the country.

There are a limited number of marijuana delivery services and those that acquire a license to do so benefits drastically. What’s the difference? Going to the physical store now is being a thing of the past as technology makes things more convenient for people. If you wanted to you could literally stay at home, never leave the property and get everything shipped or delivered straight to your door. Now, that may sound boring to never leave the house, but for those who are tired of going to the office for work why not bring the office to your home. A computer is a computer no matter where you are at.

This can relate to going to the weed store or just getting it delivered. I will admit, going to the store is always an interesting experience for those who have never been. You at least have to do it once to say that you did it. Many generations before us could never have done this in their lifetime. This is a great step towards natural medicine. But once you’ve been a few times, you get the idea and it may just be easier to get the herb delivered to your door. No waiting in line, no feeling rushed in a large group. I, myself am highly allergic to cannabis particulates that most likely are in the dispensary as you can smell a gallon jar of it if you’d like. Those who cannot be around large quantities of it but have no problem smoking it benefit from having a dispensary delivery service in their community.

Marijuana Dispensary in Isla Vista

The Source is the fastest marijuana dispensary delivery service around with delivery times under one hour. There is no need to get stuck in traffic when you can get weed delivered to your house like Door Dash. The Source has been known as the Amazon of weed, as they have hundreds of products to choose from. This marijuana dispensary has your most commonly used products such as flower, vapes, wax, edibles and more. Accessories like bongs, pipes, lighters, rolling papers and dab rigs are some other items they carry.

Some issues an Isla Vista dispensary faces is that they cannot be a certain distance to the college campus. Other buildings they cannot be around could be daycare centers and churches. Having limitations can be a struggle, but it’s not uncommon to find availability. It may be another obstacle to climb but setting yourself up for the future may be the way to go as the industry changes all the time. It’s overall a very risky business to get into and costs close to a million dollars or more to get started depending on your locations and state guidelines.

Cannabis Delivery Service

When it comes to a great cannabis delivery service The Source has it all. They can serve cannabis products to you in under one hour if you shop their Express Menu. These consist of your most popular and commonly used products. The usual flower, wax, vapes, etc. This is a speedy and excellent service to have the top products delivered under one hour and usually a freebie as well. The best part about it too is that you don’t always have to meet at your house. If you still live with your parents and want to be a little sneaky, you can meet them just about anywhere. You can select the delivery timeframe of your choosing and know that it’s on the way with live text updates.

On there Full Menu, you can shop over 300 cannabis products along with all the accessories you would need. Pipes, bongs, ashtrays, batteries and more. These orders are delivered the same day as long as your order them before 1pm. Otherwise, it will be on the following day between the timeframe you select at checkout. Even book it for days in advance. You really have the best and easiest most convenient cannabis delivery service you could ask for. You can call or text The Source at (805) 723-8012 or email them at

Weed Delivery Times

You can expect fast delivery times with The Source as they average around 30 minutes per order. Depending on the day, rush hour traffic or car accidents the delivery drivers do there best to get to you as quickly and safely as possible. Their current fastest delivery time stands at 7 minutes! They were at the right place at the right time.

The Source is open every day of the year even on Christmas. Their delivery hours run between 8:00am-8:00pm Monday-Sunday. You can meet them at your home, outside the office or on the go at a distinct location of your choosing. Just plugin the address you’d like to meet and begin shopping. If you don’t want to get your order delivered every week you could checkout their monthly subscription box.

Isla Vista Cannabis Subscription Boxes

For those who would like to save money on weed and not order a few times a month you could look into a cannabis subscription box. Isla Vista now has a subscription box of cannabis that can save you more money on weed. How does it work? The Source offers a Diamond Cannabis Subscription box that contains a minimum of $200 but only costs $150 per month. It may be wise to add up how much money you spend on weed a month and see if this would help save more cash.

There are 5 different types of categories that you can choose from: Flower, Vape, Concentrates, Edibles or a Mix n’ Match box of everything combined. If you have a specific lineage like Sativa or Indica, they will put in what you ask for as long as it’s available. It’s truly the best gift anyone could ask for and if you want to surprise your friend with one, you can! Or you can purchase them a gift card! Many lovely options at The Source with great customer service.