Isla Vista Dispensary in Santa Barbara

Finding a reputable dispensary in Isla Vista is simple, but there a few key items to look out for before picking just anyone. Isla Vista is home to over 20,000 residents where about half of them are students that attend UCSB. These students who are in search for a dispensary need to know where to shop and why. Most students are trying to save money as attending school can be pricey and stressful. Having a well known dispensary with cheap products that’s affective is much needed. Anything that can help lower stress on the mind and body is something that students need as they are learning and growing in the process.

With their busy schedule comes not only mental stress, but physical body stress. Sitting down all day is hard on the lower back and when most of your day is consumed with that, it’s important to know how to counter these daily regiments. We will list out tactics to use when combatting the daily struggle of an Isla Vista college student. Not all of these techniques involve cannabis as you must be 21 or older to consume the product.

Tactics to Battle Stress

Let’s start from the beginning, waking up. You are either a morning person or not, but did you know that you can also become a morning person just by changing your routine? We will get into how to sleep later on but for now, let’s start with the morning. Breakfast. Skip it! If one of the first things you do when you wake up is eat, well you may be doing more harm then good. Eating breakfast right away in the morning is a good way to fill your stomach, but what does it do to your brain? How do you think after consuming food on average? Most of the time you feel full and possibly a little tired afterwards so why would you start your day out like this?

Fasting in the morning not only keeps you alert but focused as well. One of the best ways to start the day is to skip breakfast so you are most aware and can easily consume information that way. Up to a point of course as it is difficult to think when you are starving at times. So next time, try and skip breakfast so you can be on top of your game. If you find a mid-morning break, that is a great time to exercise. Working out not only is great for the body, but does spectacular things for the creative mind. It’s a way to come up with ideas or solutions to solving problems. Stress is lowered as you are now able to take things one at a time. There is no rush in life as doing things in a hurry can have a worse outcome.

Sativa is a daytime type of cannabis flower that has been used for many things. Some use it as a creative technique to combat obstacles in school, home, or even relationships. Troubled relationships are common, but you may find that there are different ways to deal with people who don’t agree with you or people who are just simply annoying. Cannabis acts as a social lubricant and may allow you to think before you speak. Thinking logically is the step in the right direction.

Recreational Cannabis in Isla Vista

Recreational cannabis can be found in Isla Vista very easily. Keep in mind the difference between recreational weed and medical. Medical marijuana has products with a high amount of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that has been shown to drastically reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of all diseases and illnesses. Not all can be stopped in its tracks but mitigated at the very least. The Source offers and delivers recreational weed in the Isla Vista area. They have hundreds of products to choose from along with CBD related products for you and your pets. Not all recreational weed is the same though as they vary by where it came from, proper handling and storage. The Source travels all across California in order to find the best plants on the market. This includes the style of growing that the plant undergoes such as greenhouse or outdoors. Some have variations in between but generally speaking, you’ll want to consume weed that has the best standard practices in the cannabis industry.

This is why lab testing is extremely important. These tests look out for not only the cannabinoid count but they check for heavy metals and pesticides. The lab results will also show the type of terpenes that are within the plant. Terpenes are what gives flower their scent and aroma. Make sure that the dispensary you choose has their license number visible to show you that they are registered with the state and have gone through the proper steps to be legitimate.

Cannabis Delivery in Isla Vista

Cannabis delivery in Isla Vista can be tricky due to the amount of traffic at times. The Source will delivery all around the area including Oak Park, Santa Barbara and East & West Beach. All cannabis orders are delivered within one hour. You can also schedule out your order ahead of time and get it delivered later in the week. How do they do it so fast?

Having a system that does the heavy lifting and thinking for the company is extremely helpful. Imagine 20 orders all coming in at once. Where do you begin? Their internal system sends out orders to the nearest driver in the customer vicinity. This helps them organize not only the time they placed their order, but who is closest to them. That way, they have a constant GPS system that takes them where they need to go without thinking about it.

Eco Friendly Delivery Cars

When traveling around a city all day, it’s important to save money on gas and not pollute as much as possible. The Source travels in Hybrid Toyota Prius’s to help solve this issue. They have over a dozen of them in order to meet all their checkpoints. When shopping on their website, after entering your address, you will be shopping what’s in that car. That car may be 5 minutes away ready to drive straight to your house. Even if you are not at home, they will meet you just about anywhere that is legal. They cannot deliver on campus of course, but it won’t be hard finding a place to meet. Isla Vista weed delivery is simple and easy.

Same Day Weed Delivery

If you are shopping on their Express Menu you will get your cannabis delivered to you within the hour time frame that you select. Do you want your delivery between 5-6pm? No problem! How about 8-9am? No problem! Just select the time that is most convenient for you and The Source will be there as fast as possible. Their current record stands at 7 minutes!

Next Day Weed Delivery

If you are shopping on their Full Menu you get to choose from over 300 products! These like the Express Menu contain your typical products like flower, vape, concentrates and edibles but also include accessories. These are your batteries, bongs, lighters, ash trays and more. Once you are ready to checkout, simply select the time frame that works best for you and the day that works best for you. It can be the next day or even a couple days in advance so you don’t forget. This is helpful when planning ahead of time for parties or other events that may be going on.

Popular Products

The Source has some of the best popular weed products on the market. Brands such as Stiiizy, Green Dragon, Cali Love, Tyson Ranch are on their menu. They even have their own brand that is some of the highest THC number we have ever seen and at a very reasonable price. They also carry the new Puffco portable vaporizer that is like a vape pen combined with a dab rig. This allows you to smoke high THC wax that goes through a water pipe to help purify the smoke for a less harsh feeling. The way marijuana is advancing into the public eye is something special. Giving people the opportunity to have a business like this allows more room for creative thinking, thus resulting in a multi-billion-dollar industry.