Eucalyptus Hill Santa Barbara Dispensary

Are you shopping for weed near or around Eucalyptus Hill in Santa Barbara, CA? Many local residents are in search for safe and effective cannabis near them. With so many local dispensaries popping up these days it’s becoming harder to pick where to shop from. What makes one shop better than the rest if their weed is generally the same? Is there something new to weed that the people are unaware about.

Cannabis over the years has gone through decades of crossbreeding in order to become stronger and have more euphoric properties than in the past. In the beginning, weed was around 7% THC and now over 40% in 2022. Is that a good or bad thing? Are we still smoking the same plant or has it been modified for consumers to get a more effective high. Locals in Eucalyptus Hill are wondering where to find this magical plant that they can trust. Where to begin?

Dispensary Delivery near Eucalyptus Hill

To start, many people from Eucalyptus Hill are wanting to get their cannabis delivered to them fast. It’s always nice going into the stores to ask these questions, but you can get the same answers from your delivery drivers. The conveniency of delivered cannabis is hard to beat. There’s no leaving your home, waiting in line or public humility about it when you can shop from home. There is still a lot of people who love to consume cannabis but do not want their friends and family to know about it. Older generations still have a hard time understanding the science behind weed when they are not being taught the history and evolution of it.

One thing Eucalyptus Hill residents may be shocked to know that not only is cannabis delivery a new thing. But consuming cannabis has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. It is a fantastic way to calm the mind and body from stress. It is a tool to assist you throughout the day. Like jiminy cricket let cannabis be your guide. It’s funny how the effects of cannabis kind of lean you towards what is right and wrong. Not only can you lower the stress but you ultimately become a better person over time. But what type of cannabis is best? Should medical marijuana be used over recreational or what is the big difference here?

Medical & Recreational Cannabis in Eucalyptus Hill

You will find that medical cannabis packs more of a punch with a cannabinoid called CBD. This helps inflammation in the body fight off soreness and pain. Many patients with symptoms like this may benefit from medical cannabis over recreational. Recreational weed has a higher percentage of THC. This is the cannabinoid that makes you “feel” high. This head rush is a learning curve of trial and error. New smokers should not consume high volumes of THC when first smoking. This overload can trigger the brain to overreact to something so new. It’s wise to consume a very small amount of low THC, sit with it for a few minutes, let it do it’s thing and assess the situation after a bit.

Over time, you will find that a little bit does better than a lot. One thing to keep in mind when consuming cannabis as a newbie is a tolerance will develop. You may find yourself buying marijuana with higher percentages of THC down the road. So, who can you trust when in search of a credible dispensary company that delivers? One company that stands out above the rest is The Source.

Ordering Weed Online with The Source

Who is The Source and why should anyone order from them? The Source has been established since 2017. The company grows more and more every month with more employees, more delivery cars, more space, more products and more opportunities to learn about the cannabis industry as a whole. A lot of the times, new restrictions happen with the state so being compliant is a must. Anyone who is not runs the risk of getting raided, shut down or even worse may face sentencing.

The Source allows you to order weed online. It’s fast, simple and relieving that there are companies out there like this that can be like any other delivery company. Cannabis is finally becoming more relaxed in the United States in certain states and have the opportunity to become a legitimate business. To order weed online with The Source, simply input your address, shop the menu and setup your delivery time. Payments are made upon arrival to confirm the order.

Problems that have been happening with some companies out there is that their delivery times could not be met. Some instances you would have customers waiting all day wondering when it would arrive. This is due to their delivery system in general. It’s great that companies can delivery, but the mechanisms behind how that is done need to be top notch.

Under One Hour Cannabis Delivery

If you want cannabis fast, The Source will deliver it to you in under one hour! That’s pretty fast especially in heavily populated areas. How do they do it? Even though the company should never give up their secrets, one thing that helps out is the number of drivers you have. The Source has over a dozen drivers that crawl the city delivering orders. They communicate together on who is closest to the next customers in order to get to their door the quickest.

A record delivery time of 7 minutes still hold strong as their fastest delivery time to date. Having enthusiastic local employees is a plus when getting around the area. They know it best as they are out on the road all the time. Getting stuck on HWY 101 does happen especially during rush hour so it’s helpful to know backroads in order to get around the issue and still make your delivery time.

Cannabis Menus

The Source offers two different cannabis menus. Shop their Express Menu for all your favorites delivered under one hour. This includes your typical flower, edibles, vapes and wax. You’ll be shopping over dozens of products that are common in the industry.

If you need more variety and accessories shop the Full Menu. This menu consists of more categories like merch and gear. Get the latest batteries, chargers, bong or pipes. If you order off of this menu before 1pm you will still receive your order that same day! Otherwise, schedule out a time and day that works best for you. This helps customers plan ahead so they don’t have to go out of their way to get what they need.

Cannabis Subscription Boxes

For those who smoke regularly and trying to find a way to save money on weed, a cannabis subscription box may be up your alley. What is this? Imagine a box getting delivered to your home once a month with all the things you usually love and enjoy. Are you the type that only consumes edibles? Try out their edible subscription box! This box cost less than the value of what’s inside. The Source offers bulk deals this way and you only have to shop once per month instead of once a week.

You can also choose between concentrate, vape or flower. Want a little bit of everything? No problem! Test out their Mix n’ Match box. This has all 4 categories in one box. You can specify whether or not you want Indica vs Sativa as well. It’s basically curated to your liking.


The Source is open every day of the year from 8:00am-8:00pm. All deliveries are under one hour with ongoing deals. They serve the generic Santa Barbara area including Hope Ranch, East & West Beach and even areas around Oak Park. They will bend over backwards to get you what you are looking for. Call or text The Source at (805) 723-8012 or email them at