Dispensary Near Oak Park Santa Barbara

Are you looking for a dispensary near you around the Oak Park area in Santa Barbara, CA? When looking for a dispensary it’s hard to know who to trust or who has the best products. Does the company offer any rewards program or deals to help save money on cannabis? Finding the proper cannabis store may be trial and error in the beginning, but here’s some more clues on what to watch out for when it comes to shopping from a credible dispensary around Oak Park in Santa Barbara.

Being convenient is what sells. If the company information is easily explained on their website, that’s a great start. How much should you be paying? This will vary as competitors try to out beat each other with great deals, but there’s a limit on this. California taxes are extremely high on cannabis and the company needs to make a profit in order to stay open. In most cases, your average 1/8th cost between $20-$30. Depending on the cannabinoid count, the higher the percentages typically the higher the value. So, watch out for the percentages, cost and then acquiring it. Do you want to go into the store or have it delivered?

Traffic around the Oak Park area in Santa Barbara can get very congested at times, so why waste your time driving there when they can drive to you. The Source delivers all kinds of cannabis products in the Oak Park area in under one hour. They carry products like flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes and other accessories. These can include bongs, pipes, rolling papers, batteries and more.

Oak Park Cannabis store in Santa Barbara

There are a few cannabis stores in the Oak Park area of Santa Barbara. You’ll want to shop delivery for convenience. The Source is a recreational dispensary delivery company that has cannabis on wheels. Open 7 days a week from 8:00am-8:00pm with deliveries under one hour. They offer a wide variety of products on two different menus.

Recreational Cannabis Menus

The Source has two different cannabis menus. Their Express Menu has items you can shop from that will get delivered straight to your door in under one hour. These are your general weed products such as flower, wax, vape pens, prerolls and edibles. Some accessories include pipes, lighters, batteries and bongs. These deliveries are immediately dispatched out.

You can also shop their Full Menu which has over 300 products. This gives you more of a variety to choose from and deliveries will be scheduled on your own time and day. If you order before 1pm, you can expect your order to get delivered to you the same day. You can also plan it for up to a week out! Never leave your house, shop online and expect exceptional customer service with The Source.

Oak Park Weed Dispensary in Santa Barbara

As time moves on in the world, it’s crazy to see all the changes that have been made over the years. Cannabis is still currently federally illegal and some states still ban the idea of having weed in their community. California is ahead of most states when it comes to this, but there are still many opportunities of growth in this industry. The way weed dispensaries charge customers has evolved over the years in that it was once cash only. Weed businesses had a huge green target on their building as thousands of dollars of cash were stored there. They didn’t have a weed friendly bank to put the money in until recently. Credit Unions started comping around and processing companies began to evolve for Debit card use.

The Source offers both cash and Debit card use when shopping for weed. You can expect your delivery driver to have a card reader on hand to accept easy payment. They also have their own weed delivery app on the Apple Store. This makes reordering easy as your information is safely stored here. You can view recent purchases and collect loyalty points along the way for additional savings.

How Cannabis Deliveries Work

Having your weed delivered under one hour is pretty slick these days. How do they do it? What type of internal checklist should I be thinking about when it comes to searching for the best dispensary around Oak Park in Santa Barbara? The Source has a fantastic system that is the glue of the whole operation along with extremely talented employees who all play a gigantic role in making this all possible. It all starts with a great system. This is a system that views orders via proximity and directs those orders to the nearest driver in that service area. Having a system that directs orders to the closest driver of the customer is the fastest way to get their order delivered. The goal at that point is for the driver to make it there on time.

But none of this really matters if the product itself is of poor quality, so how do you know? There are a few key things to look out for. As mentioned earlier, finding the best company can be a trial-and-error experience as it is in most cases when shopping in general. Let’s say you buy some flower. First, check to make sure the bag is Child Resistant. By law, it is important that cannabis companies follow these rules. You don’t want to shop with anyone who isn’t following the proper guidelines that the state sets out. Being compliant to the state rules is a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting shut down. Next, inspect the outside packaging. Are the words misspelled or is there any missing information. The packing must clearly identify what the product is. For example, when shopping for flower the packaging must say something along the lines of, “Cannabis Flower”. The net weight must be visible and all governmental warnings. It’s always helpful to display the type of flower as well. Are you smoking sativa, hybrid or indica? What’s the difference?

It’s important to know that all cannabis flower is a hybrid. There will be a little bit of both indica and sativa properties mixed in because after decades of crossbreeding, the true Indicas and Sativas have long vanished. But fortunately, there are some strains that lean one way or the other. You can have a strain that has higher Sativa properties which is what you want for the daytime. These typically give you energizing effects that open up your mind. The gears start turning and ideas may evolve. It’s popular for some people to exercise with Sativa as the mental rush suites a long jog or cardio session.

Hybrid flower contains a little bit of both Sativa and Indica. These have similar qualities to Sativa, but with a little more calming effect. While Indicas are sometimes referred to having a couch-lock effect. This is typically something you would consume in the evenings to wind down as the night sets in.

All is well and good, but sourcing out the flower can be challenging. There are many different ways producers grow their weed and some may be better than other techniques used. Some grown outdoors, some use light deprivation and some use a hydroponic system. The Source travels all across California in order to find the best flower on the market. Some may be grown locally in the Central Coast or some may be up North 6 hours away. They literally go everywhere to find the top cannabis that they believe their customers will love. So, having someone who can do that is extremely important otherwise you’ll be selling mediocre weed. See the cannabis checklist here to know what to look out for when shopping for the best dispensary.

What are the total cannabinoids and THC percentages? These numbers only matter for what you need. Do you want the strongest effects of cannabis or do you only need a little bit as you may have a sensitive system and reaction. It has been shown that females Endocannabinoid System can be up to four times more sensitive versus men so having flower that ranges in the lower 20% may be more suitable. There are some plants that reach numbers up to 40% THC. These are typically coated in kiefer on the outside to pack a higher punch.

So, we have a system that gets orders to the closest driver, we have someone who can source the best flower in all three forms (sativa, indica and hybrid) and we also need additional customer service options. These may include deliveries under one hour, a way to earn loyalty points, daily deals, or even a subscription plan that helps customers save additional money.

Cannabis Subscription Boxes

Cannabis subscription boxes are a great way to earn additional savings. The Source offers 4 different types of boxes. You can choose if you want a box that’s strictly flower, vape, concentrates or edibles. If you like a mixture of all of these, you can also choose to receive a mix n’ match box. You will schedule the time you want the box to arrive and also include notes that describe exactly what you are looking for and The Source will do their best to accommodate. You can cancel anytime as there is no long-term commitment. If you will be away at the time of your next months scheduled pickup, you can easily text The Source at (805)723-8012 a specific time and day that works best.

Checkout their Diamond Subscription box plans for $150 a month. This box includes products that have a value of $200 or more. Payments are conducted upon delivery so there is no automatic withdrawal.

Cannabis Rewards Program

With The Source for every $40 you spend you will earn 1 point on your account. Each point is worth a dollar that you can apply at checkout to be removed off the total value of your order. Over time, you will earn money back that you can use anyway you want. You can even gift them to a friend by purchasing a gift card. A cannabis gift card is a great way to express your love especially around the holidays.

By shopping with The Source, you can expect to get deals. Save money with points and learn more about the company itself. They started out in a garage in 2017. Step-by-step, one product led to two, then three and now over 300! One delivery car led to two, then three and now over a dozen. A small, 1200sqft. building lead to a 17,000sqft. facility with three separate business licenses; delivery, retail and manufacturing. Five years later, they now have over 40 employees that all play a crucial role in delivering weed. And with expansions to Santa Barbara, The Source will be covering all surrounding areas in the Central Coast. It is our duty and responsibility to delivery not only the best weed, but the cheapest. Pharmaceutical medicine can become a very expensive monthly medication plan. If you can save money by replacing it with additional options, then why not give it a try.

Cannabis Locations around Oak Park in Santa Barbara

To find the best and fastest cannabis locations around Oak Park or West Beach, checkout how The Source does it. Especially in Isla Vista, home of thousands of UCSB college students. Beginning November 1st of 2022, you can expect to start shopping with The Source to get your weed delivered under one hour. They serve many locations around the Santa Barbara area including Oak Park, Buellton, Solvang, Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Los Alamos, Isla Vista, Montecito, Goleta, Naples, Summerland, Toro Canyon and Carpinteria.

Drivers will be in the area ready to collect your order and delivery your cannabis to you as fast as possible. A free preroll is included on purchases of $75 or more. Check inside their classic brown bag for any promotional deals that they may be offering. These can include additional savings on bundled products or a link to their podcast that you can listen to on Spotify called ‘Buds Talking Budz”. Not only do they share hilarious stories, but they dive into the politics and obstacles that they face in the cannabis industry. Some of these challenges include how much money it takes to get started in this business, the building requirements for operations and the track and trace system behind each product. If you are selling weed, the state needs to know exactly where the product came from and follow it all the way to the end of sale. The great thing about cannabis is that it’s regulated. This allows the product to be safe and effective through its rigorous lab testing procedures to make sure that the product does not have any additional or outside influence that could potentially harm you.

This is extremely important because we need to have safe and effective alternatives to keeping the mind and body free of stress. Life is already stressful as it is. The way you manage your mind and body is going to set you up for success for when difficult times come. Being in control, calm and wise will allow you to process challenges and problems that we go though during our lives. Having a company like The Source that can set you up for success is a beautiful thing. Finally, cannabis is making its way out of the weeds to become recognized as the Mother of all plants. A truly spectacular plant that is here on this Earth for a reason. We the people have a right to consume this safe and effective plant as we have been doing so for hundreds of thousands of years. So remember, when you are in search for some relief, get it straight from The Source.