Cool Ways to Smoke Cannabis!

Smoking weed is fun. Depending on the strain and potency, it can give you giggles, make

everything around you look that little bit nicer, or make everything in your fridge taste like if

David Chang made it.

What if we told you it could be even more fun? And no, we’re not talking about

There are plenty of standard ways to consume cannabis, and many elaborate tools you can use

to smoke, dab, vape, or whatever it is you enjoy doing. But there are also some out-of-the-box

ways of consuming weed that are, let’s say, a little different.

Whether you are at a house party, want to impress a date, or are the designated cannabis

provider for a camping trip and forgot all of your equipment, we can help!

Check out a few cool ways to smoke cannabis!

Cool Ways to Smoke Cannabis: Fruit Or Vegetable Pipe

What Is It?

This one is super fun and easy to make,

While apples are the obvious choice and probably the easiest to work with, almost any vegetable or fruit will do. Whatever you can find in your (or your host’s) fridge can probably be turned into a pipe. Bananas, courgettes, carrots, you name it. Any fruit or vegetable that is well shaped, not too small, and not too soft should be able to do the trick.

The entire concept is pretty simple. Let’s use an apple as an example.

How to Make It?

To make a pipe from an apple, start by removing any stalks, leaves, or bugs (if you’re lucky to have an apple tree in your garden) still attached to the fruit.

Then take something firm and long, such as a pen, pencil, or a sturdy chopstick, and place it where the stalk used to be. With one strong push, pierce the apple all the way through, ideally at a bit of an angle.

Take the tool of choice out and get ready to
pierce another hole. This time, however, make sure you don’t pierce all the way through! Just as far as you need to reach the previously drilled tunnel. And remember that the goal is to end up with three, not four, holes.

And that’s your pipe! Definitely a cool way to smoke cannabis!

How to Use It?

You are now standing with a three-holed apple in your hand. You might feel a bit silly but remember – you just made a smoking device. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

Now it’s time to put your device to the test, so take your stash, place it at the top of your apple and get smoking. Remember to put your finger on the third hole when inhaling.

And yes, you can eat the apple when you’re done, so that’s your munchies sorted.

Cool Ways to Smoke Cannabis: Gravity Bong

What is it?

One of the coolest ways to smoke cannabis is a gravity bong! If you are willing to channel your handyman spirit, you should consider making a gravity bong.

You need three things that are easy to find – a plastic bottle (ideally two-liter), a big bowl or a bucket, and some aluminum foil.

How to Make It?

Start by cutting off the bottom of your two-liter bottle. Throw the bottom away, but keep the top. Make sure your bottomless bottle fits into the bowl you have prepared.

Fill up the bowl (or bucket) with water, grab a small piece of aluminum foil, push it on your thumb so that it molds into the right shape, and then place it on the mouthpiece of the bottomless bottle.

Press it down and wrap it nice and tight around the mouthpiece. Poke 3 or 4 very small holes into the foil, put the plastic bottle into your water-filled container, and place some herb onto the foil (shake will work!).

How to Use It?

Light up the herb while gently pulling the top of the bottle up at the same time. If done correctly, the top part of the bottle should automatically start filling up with smoke.

Then shout “Hey, guys!” to make sure everyone around is looking (it’s a great party trick), take off the aluminum foil, put your mouth over the top of the bottle and inhale the smoke while pushing the bottle gently into the water.

You will cough for sure, but hey, it will be entertaining!

Cool Ways to Smoke Cannabis: Snow Bong

What Is It?

While winters can sometimes be a bummer, there is one fun activity you can do, apart from building a snowman. If you live in a place where seasonal changes occur and decent amounts of snow appear every year, you might be able to make a snow bong!

While snow bongs require perfect and rare weather conditions, they do provide a super pleasant smoking experience.

How To Make It?

The first thing you need to do is to grab a big bowl or bucket, put your coat and shoes on, and ask your friends to join you outside.

Collect a lot of snow and put it in the bowl. And when we say “a lot” we mean A LOT! You want to end up with a small-scale snow volcano that would fit right in at a school science fair.

Make sure to push the snow down, as you want your snow bong to be very dense and firm.

Grab a dowel (or a drumstick, shower curtain rod, or any clean plastic stick you happen to see lying around) and stick it through the middle. Do not pierce all the way through! Leave a few inches of the snow between the dowel and the bowl.

Then take it out and grab a small skewer or a chopstick to poke a smaller hole. This smaller hole should connect to the chamber you have just created using the dowel.

Ensure the hole you make is located somewhere in the bottom third of your snow volcano, and try to poke it at a slight upwards angle. Then curve some snow around the hole to create a little bowl. And that’s it. Your snow bong is ready to go!

How to Use It?

Put some cannabis flower in your newly created snow bowl, light it up and get on it! But be quick. It’s just snow. It will melt like a snowman in the summer.

A Can Pipe

What Is It?

Another cool way of smoking cannabis, especially for a low-key situation is a soda can.

All you need to do is grab the first empty can you see. When we say a can, we mean an
aluminum soda or beer can, not a metal can full of beans or peas.

How to Make It?

After picking your lucky can, get rid of the pop-tab (the small metal part that opens the can when you want to drink from it).

Next, hold the can with both your hands, but horizontally – the hole should be facing your belly. Then put your muscles to some good use and push the can right in the middle until a gentle dent appears.

The dent should not be too big as it will function as a pocket for your herb.

Then pick up something that can pierce the can and make tiny holes in the dent you just made. Things like pins, needles, or a corkscrew will do the job. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you make sure the holes are very small.

The next step is to make a hole on the side without changing the position of the can. It should be 4 or 5 times bigger than the tiny holes you pierced before, and it should be in the lower part of the can. And that’s your can pipe ready to go!

How to Use It?

Put some of your weed in the pocket(the dent you’ve just created), smoke from the mouthpiece, and use your finger to cover and uncover the side hole. It does not look pretty, but it does work!

What Not to Do?

The internet is full of suggestions on how to make a homemade bong out of nearly anything. While things like tic-tac containers or Lego bongs look great, we strongly recommend thinking twice before using a bong made entirely out of plastic.

Plastic combined with fire can be hazardous to your health, as it will release a vast amount of harmful toxins. So while it might look cool, inhaling melted plastic chemicals certainly is not.

Similar advice applies to replacing regular rolling papers with household items such as coffee filters, store receipts, or bubble gum wrappers.

Because we are not sure what ingredients are in the printing ink and the paper itself, it is better to avoid smoking it.

To Wrap It Up

If you end up in a situation where you have some weed on you, with no smoking accessories on-site, there are two things you can do. Three, if “not smoking” is an option, but who are we kidding?

So you can get some accessories delivered to your home quickly, or you can take a look around your house and use what you have.

If you are doing it with some friends, you can pretend you are NASA employees, trying to figure out how to build a water purifier with random stuff found on the spaceship. In the end, the level of urgency is the same!

If you have vegetables, cans, bottles, or if your garden happens to be covered in snow, you can make your life easier and use our instructions. Now you see how many cool ways there is to smoke cannabis.

Otherwise, just use this article as an inspiration. Who knows what you’ll end up with.
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