Santa Barbara California Weed Deliveries

If you’ve ever been to Santa Barbara, CA you’ll understand that it’s a busy outdoors type of atmosphere will all sorts of different and interesting people. Many who may be in search of weed and not just your average weed dispensary, but one that delivers. Weed deliveries in California is still new when looking at the totality of the cannabis industry as a whole. You can expect to have track and trace systems so the state can watch the seed to sale transactions. This is just a part of regulating cannabis in its many forms.

How does weed delivery work? It’s as simple these days as any other delivery service. Shop for your favorite products online, plugin your address and expect a delivery driver to arrive at your house within moments. It’s not as simple as it sounds behind the scenes though. What if you live in a heavily populated area and it’s 420? Some customers have been waiting up for seven hours for their delivery while others wait just under one hour. So, what are those dispensaries doing that the other is not?

If there’s one company around the Santa Barbara area that does is right it’s The Source. You can expect to get your weed delivered to not only just your house, but just about anywhere in the city in under one hour. They are a delivery only service that crawls the city going from one customer to the next without skipping a beat. Delivery drivers are in a Hybrid Prius to help save money and the environment from pollutants.

Weed Dispensary and Delivery Service in Hope Ranch California

If you live in Hope Ranch, a suburb of Santa Barbara, and looking for great weed then The Source will take care of you. They are open from 8am-8pm every single day. Most products on hand are your top brands such as Stiiizy, Tyson’s Ranch, Jeeter and over 300 more items to shop from. Other types of products are flower, wax, vapes, edibles, bongs, pipes, etc. They literally have anything you would need to get the job done.

Hope Ranch is a coastal suburb of Santa Barbara nestled along the Pacific Ocean. You can expect many people to be outside it the Mediterranean climate soaking up the sun, walking their dogs and eating at local restaurants. After lunch you can order you favorite snacks at The Source with their delicious sea salt edibles. These have a nice salty chocolate taste but be aware that these can kick in in little as 20 minutes. I feel that chocolate edibles dissolve in your system faster versus a gummy that has to break down more slowly in the gut. Most edibles take around 90 minutes to kick in on average. With most edible chocolates, on average you can expect to feel it in 30 minutes. What’s even better than a fast delivery system of edibles is getting cannabis delivered to your door. How does they do it so fast?

Fast Delivery

The Source delivers cannabis as little as one hour. Their fastest delivery time to date is only 7 minutes! That’s faster than the freaky fast Jimmy Johns! Having over a dozen cars does help and being eco friendly is a nice touch. When type of road ware must those cars undertake, I wonder. After a while, every so often a gasket head will blow, popped tires or even getting stuck in the mud. Rain is a rare gift around Santa Barbara so when it does get wet, excess oil from the roads tend to cause some accidents so you never know what type of day it will be out there.

Other areas of town they may be in include Isla Vista, Montecito or Goleta. In these towns residents will expect to get their cannabis delivered just as fast as anyone but most likely even faster. Even in suburban areas near Oak Park, or East & West Beach will now have the faster access to weed than ever.

However, the day is though, The Source is there on time every time. Keeping the cars cool on hot days is extremely important when carrying products that could melt. Some items may be upside down, melt, then leak through the cap as well. It’s a constant learning curve, but that only makes up for a better tomorrow. With so many products to chose from how does one know where to start? I hear they have two different cannabis menus! How does that work exactly?

Cannabis Menus

The Source has two different cannabis menus. Depending on conveniency will help you begin how to shop. Do you want your cannabis delivered right away? Then shop their Express Menu. This menu has all of your favorites such as flower, vape, wax and edibles that can be delivered in one hour. If you don’t want it delivered right after purchasing, simply select the timeframe window at checkout and expect your delivery to arrive during that time.

Do you have company flying in and need to plan ahead? No problem! Shop their Full Menu where they carry over 300 products! These include all your favorites plus their accessories. These are things such as bongs, pipes, lighters, rolling papers, ash trays, etc. The Source has everything you need to get the job done. Select a delivery date and time at checkout and expect the delivery to arrive when you choose.

No matter which menu you shop from, you will get text notifications along the way keeping you informed when your cannabis will be delivered. This is a great step forward in customer satisfaction in the cannabis community. The future of cannabis gets better and better the more it gets treated like a real business as it should be. If you find yourself wanting to save even more money on weed you may want to look into The Source’s cannabis subscription boxes.

Cannabis Subscription Boxes

Oh, what is this you might ask? It is what it sounds like, yes! We offer 5 different types of cannabis subscription boxes. If you strictly enjoy edibles then sign up for a monthly edible subscription box! Our Diamond level sub box packs over $200 worth of products at a monthly price of $150. If you spend more than that a month anyways on edibles it may be the right choice for you.

If you only consume Indica, then they will only put Indica products in your box. This is catered pretty much to your liking. Edibles, flower, vape, wax or a mix of all 4 can be combined into your monthly surprise.

For any addition questions you can contact The Source by Call/Text at (805) 693-4270 or by email at Hours are 8am-8pm every day of the year!