Cannabis Delivery for Bel-Air in Santa Barbara

Bel-Air is a beautiful community home to less than 1,500 people. One of the many beautiful communities that make up Santa Barbara. It happens to be located quite close to downtown, not too far away from the hustle and bustle of college students running around gathering knowledge and meeting with friends. Families enjoying the beautiful beaches lining the coastline. Sometimes the convenience of a quick delivery of your favorite thc product is just what you need delivered straight to your door! Whether it be flower, vapes, concentrates, or edibles, The Source has the product for you.

Discreet Delivery With The Source

When it comes to getting Recreational and Medical deliveries it’s always tough to know who to choose from? I mean, we want the best cannabis for a great price.. We want professionalism and some of us want to be discreet about it.. As accepted as Marijuana is becoming, there are still those who choose to keep it to themselves. And why shouldn’t they? To each their own I say! If you want discreet The Source is the place to go! Make a special request and they will do the best they can to make it happen. On the other hand if you want to stand out in front of your house chatting with your driver about the terp profile of the new batch of Pineapple Fruz by Seed Junky they got you there too!

The Source Delivery in Santa Barbara

The Source is a delivery service that stands out among the crowd in many more locations in Santa Barbara County from Isla Vista down to Montecito. They always stand by their hour or less deliveries. If for whatever reason they can’t make it to you within that hour, you will be compensated for the wait and it’s a very rare case an order ever goes past an hour and a half. They have the convenience of two separate menus, the Express Menu with 80+ items for the hour or less delivery, and a Full Menu that has over 300+ items to choose from. These orders can be scheduled for a delivery the following day or any day after. Smoking your last bowl before going to bed? Hop online real quick and check out the full menu and place a delivery for first thing in the morning and 8am sharp they will have drivers heading out to restock your supply!

Things to look for in a Cannabis Delivery Service

So what are the things that differentiate one weed delivery service from another? For starters.. Delivery fees. A lot of companies that try to cover areas that are too big for them to actually handle will tack on delivery fees to come to you. The Source Central Coast doesn’t have delivery fees, they are one of many companies that choose to just put a minimum for an order. Minimums can be as high as 100 dollars sometimes! The Source is $35. Most people starting with a new service want to know what deals or discounts they have running, There’s an entire Deals section with The Source easily accessible. Also how do you contact your delivery service? With The Source you can call, text, go to their website, or if you have an Apple device, you can download their App. The app has features that allow you to see all your past orders and get updated on any new deals they are running. Just had a long day and just want the immediate satisfaction of getting something delivered to your door? The Source is the convenient, time sensitive and friendly weed delivery service to help you out!