Best Dispensary in Oak Park, Santa Barbara

Are you searching for the best and fastest dispensary near you in Oak Park, Santa Barbara? Let The Source be your number one go to when it comes to cannabis delivery. When it comes to a cannabis checklist, they have it covered.

Delivery is easy and convenient when it comes to ordering weed online. All categories are separated out to easily find what you are looking for. Beyond that, their website breaks down the products into Sativa categories, Indica and Hybrid.

Oak Park Weed Delivery Checklist

When it comes to ordering from a dispensary near Oak Park, here are a few simple things to lookout for when it comes to finding a safe and reliable company.

1. Does the company show their license number online? Having a valid license number proves they are registered with the state and they have went through the proper inspections.

2. Do they offer a wide variety of products? Having a big variety of cannabis to choose from means they are heavily invested in products that are most common to use. These should include the basics: Flower, Concentrates, Vapes and Edibles. Beyond that, it’s important to have weed accessories such as batteries, pipes, bongs, rolling papers and other tools you may need with dab setups.

3. Do they have a rewards system? This is a great way to earn credit back to your account for additional discounts when shopping. Weed can be expensive so it’s great to find a company that gives back.

4. Is the cannabis company invested in being out in the local community? This means helping out the areas they serve to give back to the residents. This can include company cleanup days, picking up trash on the beaches, donations, events and more.

5. Do they deliver? Being convenient is key to having a successful cannabis delivery service. There’s no need to physically go to the store if their information is clear as day on their website.

Dispensary Delivery Oak Park, Santa Barbara

If you live around Oak Park in Santa Barbara, CA or near West Beach and looking for the best weed, The Source is your go to company. Especially in Isla Vista where thousands of college students attend UCSB. Not only do they deliver, but all orders are delivered under one hour. They have two cannabis menus to choose from. The Express Menu has products that will be delivered to you under one hour. The Full menu has over 300 products to choose from! These orders will be delivered the following day, or a day you choose. You can select the time-frame that you want the order to arrive. If you order on the Full Menu before 1pm, you can receive your products the same day!

Earn loyalty points along the way to save money on future orders. You can also download their app which is another convenient way to save your information and view order history on your account. Any questions can be answered by calling or texting The Source at (805) 723-8012 or by email at